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Our Servıces

We generate digital ideas for you.

We generate digital ideas for you.
With our CTO Development and Consulting services, we strengthen the technological vision of your business. We support your new projects with our Start-up Incubator and offer innovative solutions in Mobile Development.

CTO Development

Our CTO Development service for your website..


We provide guidance on business strategies..

Start-up Incubator

The Start-up Incubator assists aspiring..

Mobile Development

This comprehensive process begins..

Who is Picksoft and What Do They Do?

Picksoft Information Technologies has been producing cutting-edge solutions for various sectors since 2015, primarily serving public institutions and private companies, with expertise in software development, consultancy, and system integration. They specialize in developing user-friendly and performance-oriented software by creating customized solutions, responding quickly and flexibly to customer needs through the Agile methodology they have adopted.

Picksoft aims to enhance its customers’ business efficiency by integrating existing systems with new technologies, providing more effective business processes, and ensuring the integration of different systems. In addition to offering consultancy services to help customers define their information technology strategies, improve their systems, and optimize their operations, Picksoft contributes to the success of its business partners by adopting a customer-focused approach and delivering unique and goal-oriented solutions.


Let's Digitize Your Business

Let’s identify the most effective factors when merging your ideas with technology.

  • Strategic Technology Definition and Development
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Digital Transformation

Original and Innovative Ideas


Take Your Place in Digital Dynamics

We cater to your technical needs with software services compatible with all business models.


Business Analysis

We assist in identifying business needs..

UI/UX Design

Leveraging our expertise in user experience design..

Front-end Development

We seamlessly integrate the worlds of technology..

Back-end Development

Acknowledging that any website can also..

Automated Testing

We utilize tools, scripts, and software to execute..

Project & Product Management

Utilizing processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and..